Ideal Accommodation for groups with special prices at ArkaBarka floating hostel and apartments.
Are you going to visit Belgrade with a group? Forget the hassles of making reservations for a group and leave it to us. We are a hostel specialized in group management and we have a lot of experience doing just that. Our team will take responsibility upon themselves to make your reservations efficient and simple.

It doesn’t matter if your group is big or small, if your destination is Belgrade (we assume that it is if you are reading this) let us be responsible for everything and you just enjoy your trip.


You choose the reason; an end of the semester trip to Belgrade, a bachelorette or Bachelor’s party, a reunion with your buddies, an event… We will provide you the perfect accommodation. ArkaBarka hostel and apartments belongs to the Danube Floating Accommodation Group which has 5 floating B&B ‘s, Hostels rooms and Apartments specially chosen for floating accommodation of large groups in the central park of Belgrade, with more of 200 beds !

Our group reservations include:

– Designated Group Coordinator
– Fast and simple price quote
– Sheets and luggage storage for free the day of your departure.
– Possibility of private rooms for organizers
– Meeting points for teachers and leaders
– Individual or double rooms or dorms for 4 to 5 people
– Buffet style breakfast (we can adapt the buffet for special requests)
– Free WiFi in the rooms
– Computer access
– Assistance with plans for activities outside of the hostel
– Special offers for groups
– Picnic Bags/MP or PC at nearby restaurants
– Organization of parties or events for your group: cocktail diner, DJ events, live music bands, etc.


Our ArkaBarka is ideal for groups because it’s in the central park of Belgrade, one step away from the monuments and tourist attractions. Also, our hostels offer an excellent ratio between quality and price with economical prices and all services are included.
Of course we will be pleased to help you with your plans outside of the ArkaBarka. Ask us whatever you would like: restaurant information and reservations, direct transportation from the airport, entrance to any event, pubcrawls, private parties, discounts to our club, karaoke, barbeque, picnic baskets… Or whatever you have in mind!
Whatever the plan for your group, this is the preferred lodging for all kind of groups in Belgrade!