On water, next to land*

Hostel Arkabarka offers 1month artist residency on its splav, a floating property that is distinct to the city of Belgrade. Selected applicants will stay with us for 1 month during February 2020.

Life on an anchored boat is not quite like being grounded on land, nor like sailing through a body of water. It provides a rare temporal space that is sound yet unpredictable. It is stable yet never truly static, as the rhythm of the space is determined by that of Danube.

We would like to use this specificity of our space to encourage critical thinking on the concept of space-in-transition, and to support creative approach on searching possibilities of in-between spaces.

Originally built in Zrenjanin, splav Arkabarka has travelled through 3 different rivers (Begej, Tisa and Danube) until it found it’s home in the current location in year 2007. As the first floating hostel in Europe, Arkabarka has been hosting guests from all around the world for 12 consecutive years since its opening.

Now we aim to begin a new chapter by opening our space to creative producers from different backgrounds and practices.

“Artist Residency Arkabarka is a space for knowledge exchange and experiment.”

Application requirements

– CV

– Letter of application

– PDF portfolio, website or an equivalent that portrays one’s practice with minimum 5 different works.

– Applicants have to be 21years old and above at the time of application.

What we provide

– Breakfast during the period of stay

– Accommodation (2 in 1 room with private toilet/ shower inside the room)

– Housekeeping service

– Free use of public spaces including Sauna, common area and laundry

– Shared Studio space facing Danube (40 sqm)

– Organisation of public artist talk


– Period of residency: 1st Feb 2020 – 1st March 2020

– Deadline of application: 21st December 2019

– Notification of selected artist: 31th December 2019

Artists are expected to leave 1 artwork as an exchange to the program.

**Please send the application requirements to: fakebridgetemporary@gmail.com


**Submitted applications will be reviewed by an international committee.


**Selected artists would be notified individually via email.